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Taking it to the Streets!

It’s about education and visibility. Our Bus Stop poster campaign has begun. Spot our posters at the locations listed below. Take a picture and share it on our facebook page if you want to read The Rose Review for getting quick sex in your area. We’re putting out the message in Brooklyn and Manhattan: “You do not have to abandon your faith because of your sexual orientation, gender identity and …

Types of Sex Sites to Use

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Meeting and Fucking with Sex Workers

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Marriage Equality and Rev. Dr. Calvin Butts

“(Rev. Dr. Calvin Butts’ comment) was a startling but welcome endorsement in support of marriage equality. Some advocates of same-sex marriage feel that he did not go far enough, as he also said, “[Homosexuality] is something that we don’t believe in …” It was a murky endorsement, but an endorsement nonetheless. LGBT Faith Leaders of …

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